О клубе MaximusAntique statues, walls covered with frescoes, rich marble and comfortable seats with leopard skins thrown on them in a casual way. Rich club interior could compete with Roman emperors’ palaces.

This is “Maximus” – a temptation for the sophisticated.

Playful grace, naked (almost) femininity! Generous joy and lively youth of charming naughty girls! And this all so pleasantly close and so exciting…
A place where goddesses with beautiful bodies and wonderful plastic live. Every evening they dance and strip for their guests. They seduce the seducers in this shelter of passion. Youthful harlots with magnifying eyes are sexy, attractive and stunning. So desirable, seems that so close, but unreachable. They look different when they dance. An innocent maid becomes a dangerous seducer, a furious beauty burning with passion turns into a meek angel.

There is no place for awkward undressing here.

“Maximus” is a bright show, an unforgettable game of light and a fantastic performance, its participants know all the secrets of sophisticated seduction. Even the most melancholic guests get excited when a sexy dancer moves in a special way to strip slowly and nice and shows her body which is so strikingly perfect.
O klube maximusThe friendly and well-trained staff takes care of privacy and safety in the club.

Because friends will be friends, we appreciate and take care of them here.

Centuries pass by, empires perish, and new civilizations are created from their ashes, but there’s one things that remains the same. People still want bread and circuses. We never forget about that in “Maximus”.
Everyone is a wanted guest here, a hero of the evening, an almighty master. Forget about reality.

“Maximus” is a magic fairy tale, a kingdom of erotica, sweet fantasies and desirable sins. Life is wonderful.